Here's the story goes~

There was a man who is upset due to some unexpected obstacles faced in his career. He carried his sadness and disappointment on the life he had now and plan to commit suicide in a jungle.

Along the way he walked, there was a monkey keep starring at him. Thus, the monkey waived its hand on the depressed man and asked,  

'Hey young man, what's wrong with you?'

'Kill me please, little monkey~.'

'Why kill you? You don't want to live anymore?'

'I am such an unlucky man in this world...'  The man cry while saying that.

'Why don't you tell the story to me and see if any i could help?'

'Sighing, you see, years ago, i only need to get another 1 mark in my Physics examination to apply for University enrollment, yet i miss that mark!!' The man cry while explaining.

Monkey yell, ' This world indeed is unfair enough!! But then, i understand that in human world there isn't just one university right? What about your soul mate, like girl friends?' As to a monkey perspective, having a soul mate meant more compare to entering a university.

The man cry even harder, 'There were 10 girls after me, yet i selected a girl which doesn't have a good looking....'

The monkey yells again, ' Man~ that is not fair !! What about your career? Any problem faced?'

'I've working for 10 years, yet i am still an Associate Professor only. You see, how am i going to live through my life with just an Associate Professor's title?!!'

The monkey asked again,' How about your salary? Is it enough to use?'

'Not enough for sure! After deducted away basic necessities like eatery, clothes and house loan, i only left 800 dollar.'

The monkey now ask seriously, ' So you don't wanna live right?'

'Yes!' The man answered firmly.

The monkey get a big stone and at the moment just the stone is about to hit young man's head, it throw away the stone and ask the young man,

'Seriously saying, you are indeed better in life than me. Let's do that, why don't you give me your address so that i can take your role in life and you will not suffer all this afterall.'

The young man with quick respond, ' No way! Alright then, frankly, comparing you to me, i am indeed luckier enough.'

The monkey asked, ' Now do you still want to die'

The young man shaken his head, and leave the jungle.

End note: 

Everyone will have their obstacles in their life. Even Bill Gate also need to overcome the obstacles in order to make him successful. Most important is, keeping think a matter in a positive manner. Thinking when you are unlucky, there are yet many person unlucky than you. Keep this in mind will make will content with what you had already.