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Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions any adult can make. It's because of these big ticket items that decisions need to be well informed, and well researched. But before you take your first step into viewing the cars, you should at the very least, start with a checklist of things to do. Here they are:  Read more
CAR NEWS  Aug 06, 2016 16:25
Detroit has long been the center of the automotive world. And this year, it hosted its eponymous auto show to much acclaim. Things are moving fast in the industry. Thanks to the exploits of those in Silicon Valley, cars aren’t just cars anymore. They’re customizable computers on wheels. And they’re about to get a lot smarter. At the show, all the major manufacturers were showing off their wares. Chevrolet, Hyundai, and VW were all showing some flavor of autonomous tech. And there were other concepts there too, designed to make waves in personal transportation. It’s clear that the pace of change in automobiles is accelerating. We’re no longer seeing incremental changes now. We’re in a sort of Moore’s law era for cars.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Aug 05, 2016 01:30
It would be fair to say the Subaru Legacy sedan isn’t a car at the top of most people’s wish lists. But like it or not, this car is at the top of most safety rankings. The car itself has received an all new design, as of 2016. And it continues to be a favorite staple. But the car itself has hardly drawn any attention in the auto press, despite extensive safety features.  Read more
CAR NEWS    Aug 02, 2016 00:26
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