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The new version of the Tesla OS version 6 will give owners the ability to start their car using an iPhone. The feature won't be limited to Apple users, as an update might add Android compatibility into the system.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Sep 17, 2014 13:08
The Tesla Model S gts an "electrified zebra paint", called LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System. It is actually not for automotive use, but the coating “effectively transforms any surface coated into a lamp. And when the power is turned off, surfaces coated with LumiLor return to their normal appearance. It can even go over curves and around corners.”  Read more
CAR NEWS  Sep 17, 2014 13:08
How do you drift a rear-wheel drive machine? Chris Harris is back explaining how to do so with the new BMW M235i. It looks easier than it probably actually is, but either way, don't do this if you don't have any professional experience. Check out the video below:  Read more
CAR NEWS  Sep 17, 2014 10:57
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