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Personally, I prefer winter over summer. I’m much better at handling the cold than I am at handling the heat. But let’s face it: the same doesn’t really go for a lot of people, and it certainly doesn’t go for most machinery. Cars, for example, are much better at handling those summer months than they are the icy winter ones.  Read more
CAR NEWS    Dec 08, 2016 00:25
Accidents happen.  When car accidents happen, certain safety features are activated.  If the accident is severe enough, then you may end up with air bag deployment.  But if you bought a used car, how do you know if the airbag will deploy when you need it most?  Unscrupulous mechanics and thieves are stealing airbags and doing air bag “repairs” without any airbag being installed at all – which is why a free carfax is an imperative step in purchasing a used car.   Read more
CAR NEWS  Nov 03, 2016 00:47
As a driver and a consumer, your car is a hugely important asset in your life. But are you fulfilling those expectation of treating it with the care it deserves?  Read more
CAR NEWS  Oct 18, 2016 23:46
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