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Without proper care, the steering wheel can become a shell of what it once used to be as this is the part of the vehicle that you enter into contact with the most, by far. Unfortunately, most car owners tend to overlook care and maintenance when it comes to the steering wheel, only tending to cleaning and maintaining other parts of the car’s interior and its exterior. When neglected for too long, the wheel will peel, lose the smooth feel, and it will crack. Obviously, the only way to avoid this from happening is to not forget to pay attention to this essential component of the vehicle when it comes to cleaning and routine maintenance work.  Read more
CAR NEWS    Aug 23, 2017 17:33
A stylish car creates a stellar impression in people’s minds. LED car lights can modify your car to bring out that astonishing look that you long craved for. Besides pimping your headlights, you can redefine your interior car area for less than five fours and only $50. Here is how LED lights can pimp your car out:    Read more
CAR NEWS    Aug 19, 2017 12:23
There is no better feeling than passing your driving test. Insurance is not the first thing on your mind at this time, but it is something that any new driver needs to seriously consider. Insurance can be an enormous expense for first-time drivers so it is important to look for ways to reduce your premium.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Aug 16, 2017 01:15
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