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Getting quality sound from your car is one of the most important parts to an enjoyable car experience. But while the quality of the equipment you have in your car is important, what’s also just as important is how your equipment has been installed.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Feb 15, 2017 01:25
It’s definitely not easy to get a decent used cars nowadays from your average car dealer. Luckily the deal is only hard until you know how to handle that guy. After you learn the tricks below you will see how easy it is to get what you need for little money.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Feb 09, 2017 01:54
Selling your car online, both for a good price and in a short space of time, is a fine balancing act. For people with little experience, it can seem like a total enigma. However, all it really takes is some basic IT and writing skills, and a small investment of time and money. To make the whole process easier for you, here are my best tips for selling a used car online…  Read more
CAR NEWS  Feb 01, 2017 00:57
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