Audi has kept the name R18 e-Tron Quattro as its new endurance racing car and has fitted it with new technology to comply with new LMP1 regulations that come into effect in 2014. According to the automaker:

“The most complex race car ever built by Audi”, as the company describes it, can achieve similarly fast laps as in the past, but with 30 percent less fuel.

“A fundamental approach to motorsport is being abandoned. Instead of power output, energy consumption will be subject to limitations – this is in line with the spirit of our times and opens up great technical freedoms to the engineers,” says Chris Reinke, Head of LMP at Audi Sport.

The car has a V6 TDI diesel engine powering the rear wheels and is supplemented by two hybrid systems, including an electric turbocharger (ERS-H – Energy Recovery System Heat), a system that stores energy converted from heat. The second hybrid system powers the front axle and features ERS-K (Energy Recovery System Kinetic), which stores kinetic energy. The R18 e-tron quattro also features an optimized flywheel energy storage system.