Despite having more than 10,000 orders for the i3 globally, the Bavarians are reportedly struggling to keep up with demand for test drives from potential customers. Over 100,000 people have reportedly registered to test drive the model, but they're going to have to wait awhile before getting a chance to sit behind the driver's wheel.

“We have waiting lists into months for test drives. These cars need to be charged between each test, which takes some time. Dealers are working hard to satisfy the demand,” BMW Board Member for Sales and Marketing Ian Robertson told AutoExpress magazine.

And things are not looking great for people who want to order an i3 either, as they will have to wait at least six months for their cars to be delivered. As one BMW spokesperson in the UK explains, a BMW i3 with range extender ordered today can only be delivered by June 2014. Even the standard i3 will probably not be available earlier than October 2014. And the most expensive model, the BMW i8, has orders for the entire 2014 production, which means the wait will stretch into 2015.