It just doesn't get anymore lowbrow than this. Shortly after it the actor's death was confirmed, writer and self-proclaimed "American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ," Adora Bull came up with an editorial-style piece titled "Top Five Reasons Why I’m Glad Paul Walker Is Dead".

It didn't take long for the scathing post to go viral, and the comment section was soon flooded with all sorts of comments and even "death threats from Paul Walker fans". The website which Bull writes for, Modern Woman Digest, has released the following statement about how they're handling the PR failure:
"In light of recent events here at Modern Women Digest Headquarters, a member of our staff has been taken into police protection and moved to a secure location pending the official investigation multiple death threats aimed at the author," wrote Agni in her follow up post.

"Police currently have her under suicide watch, as Ms. Bull has been witnessed threatening her own life after the recent influx of hate mail surrounding her and her journalism career. We at MWD Headquarters are still unsure as to where they have taken Ms. Bull, but have been assured by the local police Chief that she is in good hands and in a safe location," she added.
As for Bull, about 4 hours ago, she left the following post on her FaceBook page:
"I'm on a short recess from police surveillance, they're allowing me 5 minutes of personal time online to check my emails. I've been spending the past few hours performing a séance with Paul Walker's ghost. He wanted me to relay a message to you all, that he's all very proud of all the harassment, bullying, verbal abuse, death threats, and rape threats you've all sent my way. He said he's so glad you're his fans, and he's smiling down at you from heaven as you exact justice on his honor in the same way he would have done if he were still alive to do it. God bless you all."
You can read the entire article in full here, or you can save yourself the trouble by just reading the five points she made below:
  1. No More Fast & Furious Sequels.
  2. There hasn’t been a good celebrity death in a while
  3. His death has been a good distraction from the soldiers who died this week.
  4. Vin Diesel will finally be forced to expand his career.
  5. This proves that rich douchebags die young too.