Backpedaling is a skill. Daredevil Eskil did just that in the Trollstigen (Trolls' Path in English) stunt on a winding mountain road in Norway.

The Norwegian rode his bicycle backwards down the 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) long road down the hill (with a 10% slope), at some point reaching an alleged speed of 80km/h or 50mph.

The crazier part? There was traffic on the road.

Here's what he says about himself on his dedicated website:

"Eskil has spent his entire life living on the edge creating art that makes a difference. The goal is not just to leave an imprint on mind. The goal is to move boundaries, inspire and show humans all over the world that anything is possible."

"Eskil performs live, at TV-programs, in movies and exceptionally by promotional actions. He is also giving lectures about his journey from a little village in Norway to great international success, his unique working methods and the balance between life and death."

In other words, don't even attempt this.