Volvo just announced a trial that aims to put 100 driverless cars on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2017. These cars will navigate traffic, dodge pedestrians, and park themselves.

It's probably about time this happens - it's been nearly a decade since DARPA's Grand Challenge where self-driving cars raced through a seven-mile course, and nearly three years since Nevada became the first American state to make autonomous cars legal.

Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo's President and CEO said, "Hardly anyone thinks twice about being in an airplane that flies on autopilot, but being in a car that drives by itself while the driver reads a book is still quite a revolutionary thought for many people."

Volvo's trial is only the beginning. The cars will travel on about 30 miles of Gothenberg's streets, labeled as "typical commuter arteries." Volvo will also test a cool feature that allows the driver to get out of his or her car and the car will drive away on its own to find a parking spot.

All this will put Volvo at the forefront of car technology, beating companies like Nissan, who says it'll sell a self-driving car by 2020.