Here's an automotive concept that emulates nature's solution to transportation. Designed by China's SAIC, the concept is called Mobiliant.

The single seater vehicle is designed to forge new paths in urban landscapes. That would mean climbing up walls to deliver drivers directly to their high rise apartments and offices. It's very sci-fi, and we feel like we've seen something like that in a movie before.

The Mobiliant employs its C.L.A.W.S. — short for Cilium Layer Advanced Wheel System to climb up vertical surfaces. The wheels use nano-scale cilia technology that can adapt to any surface and increase its grip upon the road. There are internal stabilizers inside the cabin so drivers don't black out when they are driving up a wall.

The Mobiliant also harvests greenhouse gasses and converts them into a liquid that can be used as fertilizer as it climbs up. The car will then transfer its collected fertilizer when it is parked astride the surface of a skyscraper, which in turn refuels the car with biofuels produced by plants growing along its trellises.

[L.A. Auto Show, via Auto Week]