Cadillac revealed details on how it used advanced 3D scanning to develop the Elmiraj. The camera was used to capture three-dimensional shapes and was then converted into math data that could be used for digital modeling programs.

The coupe concept benefited from the digital mapping technology. With 3D scanners, designers can reverse engineer and update the master math model and then apply them to the physical model. Very simple. Very efficient.

The Elmiraj, is also the first drivable concept car using that technology to build it.

“With the Elmiraj, we were able to use 3-D scanning as the bridge between traditional hand-sculpting teams who work in clay and digital modeling design teams who work in math,” said Frank Saucedo, director of General Motors’ North Hollywood Advanced Design Studio.

“A scan can even reveal the need to take a step back to a previous iteration, and 3-D scanning makes it relatively easy to do,” said David Bolognino, director of GM Design Fabrication Operations.

3D scanning also allowed the automaker to transition from scale model to full size model in less than one week. Check it out below: