Nissan will be bringing its BladeGlider concept to the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It is a futuristic looking three-seater concept that kind of looks like BMW's i8 concept from certain angles. It will spawn a production model within the next couple of years.

The design is lopsided and is reminiscent of Nissan's Deltawing and ZEOD RC electeric racecar prototypes. The design with a narrow 1.0 meter lightweight front track and wide, stable rear track helps reduce drag and enhance maneuverability for high G cornering power, assisted by 30/70 front.rear weight distribution ratio.

"When BladeGlider matures into a production car, it could be Nissan's first use of in-wheel motors," says Nissan. "The in-wheel motors provide rear-wheel propulsion with independent motor management, while also contributing to freedom of upper body design and space-efficient packaging," the company adds.

“The goal was to revolutionize the architecture of the vehicle to provoke new emotions, provide new value and make visible for consumers how Zero Emissions can help redefine our conception of vehicle basics,” commented Francois Bancon, division general manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning at Nissan.