The Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid engineers put together a supercharged V6 with a plug-in hybrid powertrain building a hybrid that is both high performance and efficient.

The car’s three driving modes—electric, hybrid, and recharge—give drivers the flexibility they need to floor down on a highway and switch to electric for short distance driving.

The car is powered by a 9.4 kilowatt hour battery with 95hp delivering its full 229 feet pound of torque the instant the driver hits the throttle. The battery will run for 22 miles before dipping below a 15 percent charge at which point the gas engine kicks in. The combination of the engines will enable the car to go from 0-100 in 5.2 seconds.

When the driver activates the E-Charge mode, the 333-horsepower V6 engine engages and turns the electric motor, acting as a generator.