Elon Musk came out with the idea of creating a high-speed transportation system that is Mach 1 capable. The system is called Hyperloop, but while he endorses the idea, he won't be taking part in makign it come true.

Having said that, there are others who are keen to carry the plan out. A new company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc may be the ones who will execute the plan. Patricia Galloway, whose portfolio includes an extension of the Panama canal is one of the managers in the company.

She says that despite being a very young corporate entity that just came into being, “the feasibility is done. What we’re working on now is moving toward conceptual design.”

Her statements bristle with optimism; “It’s similar to what the Concorde did for air transport,” she said, certain that “This will revolutionize how we transport people from city to city.”

Galloway will team up with Marco Villa, the former missions operations director at SpaceX. More updates of the Hyperloop to come.