Gabor Farkas created a Mitsubishi CS study dubbed the "Koruto", which means Colt in Japanese. Check out below what Farkas thinks of the study.

[From Gabor Farkas]

"Mitsubishi Koruto Concept is the third member of a series. Following the Concept CS (2011) and the CS-21 (2013) this car is a modern interpretation of the 90’s Colt/Mirage CA.

The Koruto Concept gets the closest to the original. All the lines of the CA have been repeated on the concept car in a different way.

Though it uses many parts from it, the Koruto Concept is intended to be a high-end mutation of the Mirage/Space Star. The steering wheel, the interior door handles, the seat consoles may be the same but the entire exterior and interior all over shows much more than an entry level supermini can.

The external chromium mouldings that run around the lower part of the body and the waist-line or the interior finishes, upholstery and design elements were designed to meet high standards.

The cockpit can be familiar as well. The middle console with the typical lines used in the CA appears in a fresh, modern shape covered with high-gloss lacquer.

While designing this car, the main goal was to make it look as production-ready as can be. Not only the proportions are similar to those of the 2014 Mirage (Space Star in Europe), but the wheelbase, the front and track is identical with the production car. The exterior dimensions of the Koruto Concept are 3699 mm (length), 1655 mm (width) and 1410 mm (height). So it slightly shorter and wider which strengthens the sportier look."