The Nissan GT-R Goliath by Switzer is one helluva fast car. The 1,700hp+ apparently set a new top speed record in a 1 mile (1.6km) run for GT-Rs at the latest Moscow Unlimited 500+ racing event.

The only two other vehicles that have surpassed the 400km/h mark in a 1 mile run is a "Ford GT at 267mph [430km/h] and a Chevrolet Camaro at 250 mph [402km/h]".

Switzer's heavily modified yet street legal GT-R Goliath reached a speed of 402.23 km/h or 249.987mph in 1 mile after just 22.602 seconds.

The Goliath was made for an unnamed client:
"To understand what Goliath is, and how it’s been developed to meet the customer’s wants and needs, however, we need to go back to the early part of 2012 (before Switzer moved into their new facility) and a conversation between Tym and one of Switzer’s early Porsche customers. The client wanted a GTR – but not just any GTR! “The car the client asked us to build had to be ‘for street use’, not just ‘street legal’,” explains Tym. “The difference there is the difference between ‘comfortable’ and ‘tolerable’. He made it very clear that he expected this to be a ‘real car’ with full climate control, cruise control, sound system – all the amenities, in other words. What he did not want a stripped-down drag car that was technically street legal.” He also wanted the car to run a low 20-second ET at the Moscow Unlimited."