Will diesel have an easy future? Leading automotive engineers believe that the domination of diesel engines in Europe's new car market may end before 2020. Will we see less diesels in KL too?

With increasing stricter emissions regulations and the high cost of new-generation anti-pollution technology, diesel engines will be more expensive in the future.

Ford of Europe’s head of product development Joe Bakaj said meeting Euro 6 and Euro 7 norms will be a major problem for diesel engines, as would the possibility of a reduction in petrol refining capacity in Europe.

“There’s also the cost of exhaust after-treatment systems for the upcoming EU6.1 and EU6.2. The latter has more onerous limits on emissions of NOx and particulates. It is much cheaper to get petrol engines through EU6.2; with diesel engines we need technology such as selective catalyst reduction systems, and costs increase again with heavier vehicles,” Bakaj was quoted as saying by Autocar magazine.

The petrol engine technology is expected to narrow the gap with diesel on a cost per fuel consumption basis, which all point to the conclusion that the future of diesel engines look bleak.