Mini continues to tease its all-new Mini hatch scheduled to be unveiled on November 18. This time the company revealed photos of the interior and some of the driver assistance systems that the new model will be equipped with.

According to Mini, the future models will benefit from a number of driver assist systems that will also use intelligent networking for information exchange between driver and vehicle. Until then, the 2014 Mini hatch will be equipped with a series of driver assist systems including the Mini head-up display, which displays information right in the driver's line of vision.

The system is however not the same from BMW - information isn't projected on the windshield, but onto a transparent glass located behind the steering wheel, similar to the one used by Peugeot and Citroen.

The new mini also features collision warning and pedestrian warning systems, which include a city braking function to help drivers avoid dangerous situations, especially in city traffic. Another city feature is the Mini parking-assist feature with reversing camera.

Also available on the new Mini hatch is a video-based speed and distance control system, which is a technology that automatically keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front, while the speed limit information system detects and displays speed limits of the current section of the road. The system also includes no passing display and traffic sign memory functions.

Lastly, the digital headlight assist function helps visibility when driving at night by using the full range of headlight functions. A camera registers oncoming traffic and preceding vehicles, with the system automatically switching to dimmed headlights.