Renault won't be ignoring hybrids any longer, according to French newspaper Les Echos.

“We’re analyzing the progressive introduction of hybrids in our range by 2020. We are working with the range of available technologies,” Marc Bodin, Renault director for powertrain strategy, was quoted by the newspaper.

The first solution the automaker is considering is a mild hybrid, consisting of integrating an electric motor with a minimum output of 10kW to a conventional engine. The electric motor won't be moving the car but could perform small maneuvers like parking.

This layout would optimize the efficiency of the thermal engine and would reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 20 percent.

The second one would be a plug-in hybrid, which would include an electric motor of at least 40 kW and batteries, allowing the car to run on electric power alone. The thermal engine would act as a back-up solution for when the batteries are depleted.

“The mild-hybrid has the advantage of being less expensive and allows us to target high volume segments, which is our vocation. As for the plug-in, it combines very interesting advantages. Provided that we get rid of the cost obstacle, since there are two big engines involved”, said Bodin.

Renault would partner Nissan to develop its hybrids, though the carmaker doesn't say which models will be getting this just yet.