Check out the GM EN-V Concept car which was recently spotted at the CityLab event held in Battery Park City.  EN-V is short for "Electric Networked Vehicles," and is GM's vision of a zero-emission, autonomous, wirelessly connected "car" of tomorrow.

So why electric pod cars? As GM vice president Stephen J. Girsky explains, the city of the future is going to be "crowded, dirty, and resource-constrained."  The compact designs of these pods will reduce the need of parking spaces. These vehicles will help to reduce the number of personal cars on the roads. Just call one over to your house to pick you up when when you need it. Once it calculates your route, it asks you if you'd mind picking up another passenger along the way.

The car drives using front-mounted ultrasonic and vision systems. There's a roof-mounted GPS and wireless antenna to help avoid collisions and reduce the number of accidents and improve traffic flow in general. For more info on this concept car design, click here