A company called HEVO, which stands for Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Optimization is bringing its tech called Power to manhole covers. The reason: wireless charging electric vehicles of the future.

“Drivers forget to plug in all the time. Drivers will also back into kiosks damaging the units. There’s vandalism and theft of the units themselves. And sometimes there’s faulty connectors, and these can damage vehicles, with average repair costs of $14,000,” HEVO Power co-founder Steven Monks told Discovery Channel.

“What we have found is we are able to charge vehicles at the same comparable rates as plug-in stations, at the same efficiencies as plug-in stations,” says Jeremy McCool, HEVO Power’s co-founder and CEO.

For now, the company is not focused on passenger cars, instead, they'll be attracting commercial ones. Check out a video of how it works below: