It is pretty damn jammed on Malaysian roads, most of the time. Like any other country, official motorcades usually force their way through heavy traffic causing tons of frustration among drivers. Perhaps they have an urgent matter to attend to? You just can't be late to state affairs it appears.

But instead of hearing the gratitude to let officials pass through heavy traffic, one official believes that regular drivers on the road should give way to patrols escorting royalties and VIPs as a sign of respect to the country's leaders.

According to Live Life Drive, Datuk Hasan Malek told The Sun Daily that drivers should give way as the people that are being escorted need to get to their destination on time to perform their official duties.

“I have received complaints that when our Rulers pass, road users just don't give way. We must put a stop to this, showing respect to our leaders is part of our culture,” said the minister. According to the law, drivers in Malaysia are only required to stop or make room for emergency services.

Foot in mouth statement perhaps? No other statements from him ever since, apparently.