Everybody knew Mercedes-Benz was planning a convertible version of the new S-Class, but it's now official. Mercedes-Benz product development boss Thomas Weber said that the automaker will build a convertible version of its new flagship sedan.

Weber said that the model will be based on the S-Class Coupe concept showcased at this month's Frankfurt MOtor Show, and that the production version of the S-Class coupe will go on sale early 2014 in Europe, while the convertible is expected to arrive about a year later. Both models are expected to arrive in the U.S. shortly after.

The S-Class convertible will feature a fabric top and will be offered with twin-turbocharged V8 and V12 engines. It'll be the first open-top S-class since the W111 Cabriolet, sold between 1961 and 1971.

This basically means that the S-Class cabriolet will be a two-door and not a four-door.