This car is supposed to be some kind of futuristic model, which is a blend of a lot of cars. From the eBay posting:
You are looking at a vehicle which receives more pictures taken of it on a daily basis then any lamborghini or ferrari I have ever driven. This car is Fun on 4 hidden wheels all day long, It is hard to describe the positive attention this car brings, You can instantly become involved in just about any event you chose. I have found that almost every person who has shown above average interest in the car has brought their friend or friends/ family to come see the car as well, And everyone knows someone fun, which is the exact person they want to show this car too so the cycle goes on and on.

I have met so many professional sports guys and gals, models, tv and movie talent, unique business owners and the list goes on...

I have built this car from scratch, the body is made from fiberglass and carbon with a one inch steel tubular chassis. The craftsmanship under the fiberglass is equal to the exterior looks of this car and it needs to be for the car to stay as nice as it is. This is not a kit car, this is a manufactured car, Where I have had all of the glass made to DOT specs and everything is street legal in Florida I know for sure.
Looks futuristic for sure. But would you pay 100k for it?