According to Reuters, Tesla Motors is working to produce an "autonomous car" of sorts. It will be capable of running on an "auto-pilot" feature. Elon Musk is taking the company in the race to roll out a driverless car in the next three years.

The autonomous car would allow the driver to hand 90 percent of control over to the vehicle's computer system. Fully autonomous cars would take longer to develop.

The new feature would be developed in house using Tesla's own technology, but in terms of whether the market will be ready for it is another question altogether.

Tesla's three year timeline is also more ambitious than the timelines set out by the carmakers. Nissan says they want to include that feature as an upgrade by the year 2020. Mercedes-Benz just showed off their S-Class driving 100km. They both say they hope to sell autonomous cars by the end of the decade. And Google has already made waves as the pioneer showing this is possible. Analysts say that it will take 10 to 15 years before self driving cars can become a reality.

Will Musk be able to pull it off?