Mercedes-Benz won't be making any smaller cars other than the A-Class, according to what Daimler AG CEO Dieter Zetsche said responding to rumors that the automaker is planning to fill the gap between the A-Class and the upcoming Smart ForFour.

As the ForFour will reportedly be less than 3,500mm (137.8in) long, it would leave space for an intermediary model between it and the A-Class, which measures 4,292mm (168.9in) in length. However, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t plan to take that route.

“It’s clear that there’s an opportunity for a supermini. Such a car would offer plenty of volume for us, but it would also be tough to make profit from,” Zetsche told Autocar magazine at the Frankfurt Motor Show. “For now, I don’t see a need for us to go that way, but further down the line, it’s a possibility,” the CEO added.