For decades, firefighters have torn apart wrecked vehicles involved in serious accidents to rescue its driver and passengers. They know how to stay away from fuel lines and electrical components, but asides that, they pretty much had free range to slice up the cars as they saw fit.

But with the increase of hybrid and pure electric vehicles on the road today, the rescue techniques will have to evolve to adapt to the special requirements that these new age vehicles warrant.

Pure EVs don't have any fuel lines in sight, but it doesn't mean the job is made any easier. In fact it's more difficult to retrieve passengers trapped in an EV because of the multitude of high-voltage cables, as well as battery packs.

So Tesla released this lengthy video documenting the proper techniques using a Model S pure-electric sedan. Watch the video below, but if you're short on time you can skip to the part where the Model S is torn apart around the 27-minute mark.