Volvo, the carmaker on a mission to make their cars the safest in the world, revealed a new safety system at the Geneva Motor Show.

It's called cyclist detection. But besides that, it can also bring the car to a halt on its own if the sensors pick up an imminent threat.

This is made possible by its integration into a car's Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system, which, until now, had been calibrated to react to large moving objects like cars, trucks, or pedestrians.

Volvo says they'll be adding more features to their AEB-reliant safety systems. Their ultimate goal is basically to make their cars virtually avoid more crashes. This cyclist detection system will be added to the standard list of safety features found in all new Volvos built after May 2013.

There is the question of what would happen when you drive one of these cyclist-detecting cars in, say, Beijing, China where there are some 9 million cyclists on the streets? Will the car just refuse to move? Or will it keep braking automatically? How annoying would that be for its driver?