Daimler and China's BYD (Build Your Dreams) marked the first appearance of their new joint venture brand Denza at a motor show with the world premiere of a new concept model to launch as early as 2013.

The Denza brand will focus on pure electric vehicles, and under the deal, the German automaker will provide its knowledge in vehicle architecture, safety systems and production while BYD contributes the batteries and e-drive system.

The car unveiled at Beijing gives us an idea of what the full electric battery drive hatchback would look like.

“We brought traditional Chinese elements forward into the next generation with a priority on ergonomic design and some futuristic innovations,” said Denza CEO Lian Yubo. “The rear seating area was designed to feel as much as possible like a lounge area. The lounge character really comes out through the reclining rear seats integrated into the design.”

Daimler said that it created the Denza brand because it expects the electric car market to explode in China over the next few years.