Is this how the BMW i8 would look like in a production version? Sonny Lim, former senior designer for BMW designworks has taken a stab at what the finished product might actually look like through a handful of renderings.

Its got a shorter wheelbase and clipped length compared to the concept, the production version is rumored to tip the scales and weigh in at 3,187 pounds. Much of the weight savings is thanks to the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the car's chassis.

Its powertrain will feature an electric motor and a 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder engine, and will reportedly offer under 400hp and three driving modes. Drivers will be able to pick from pure electric, gasoline or a combination of both.

The i8 should be able to do a run of 0-100 under 4.9 seconds with the combined help of both power sources.