Its no surprise that automakers are stuffing as much tech and cool ones too into their cars. Mercedes-Benz announced its plans to integrate the driver's iPhone as well as Siri into future A-class models.

A-Class owners will first load the Drive Kit Plus app onto their phones and they'll be able to access content, including Facebook and Twitter, because you totally need this while you're stuck in traffic we suppose. Also, the in vehicle display can be navigated using a controller situated at the center armrest.

Drivers will be able to command the car's built in Garmin GPS too. If you misplaced your car, don't worry, the app also has a "Car Finder".

This is the first time Apple has allowed Siri to appear on a device that's not theirs. The voice-activated assistant will feature the same level of functionality as on the iPhone. Drivers will be able to access the calendar, change appointments, dictate texts and emails or have them read back, change radio channels, access music stored on the phone, or place calls verbally.

Set to debut on March 8th at the Geneva Motor Show.  [Daimler via iPodNN - IBTimes]

The system will be controlled via the built-in display. You can see the connected iPhone in the background.

The display offers quick links to Social, Media, and Places which navigate to the main features of the system.