Remember your college days where the so called "Walk of Shame" term was used to describe the uncomfortable morning after a crazy night out when you end up with someone you may or may not remember? Those kind of awkward situations aren't always good.

A young entrepreneur from Michigan found a way to make some money - or at least a name for herself, from the "walkers". Kellyann Wargo from the University of Michigan came up with an idea of launching a transportation service called "Walk of Shame".

She offers a package deal for $5 which includes a ride back home in her car and a bottle of water, and a $5 coupoon for a "Plan B" pill, and a "complimentary high five".

"Chances are someone is calling me because their hook-up doesn’t have a car and won’t walk them home, so they feel bad enough about themselves already," Wargo told the Michigan Daily.

"I want to create a comfortable, safe, entertaining atmosphere … I genuinely have my passengers’ best interest at heart because I know how much walking home or taking a taxi sucks," she added.

Here's a video she produced: