The CES has passed and we're a little late on this. Audi, brought the HUD connected to a digital gauge cluster powered by NVIDIA last year. This year, they upped the size of everything else. This time, they brought a 3 screen HUD concept that shows off information to the driver, entertainment to the passenger and a safe combination of both for drivers and passengers in the center.

The screen is located on the dashboard and its angle causes a reflection onto the glass. It will show anything reflected on the windshield within the driver's line of sight. This tech is already available in cars like the A6 and A7 but with only information like speed and basic navigation directions.

Three screens in the dash each display separate items. Speed, turn by turn navigation and adaptive cruise control. At the center it displays climate and audio. And for the passenger, movies and web browsing on the display.

The only issue with the HUD systems is the cost and size. At the moment, Audi is merely looking to gauge customer and media response to the idea. But who knows what the future holds for these displays.