Here's a look at the 2013 A3's interior, with Audi bringing it to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The technologies shown could be the base of all other new Audis to come. At least, that's the assumption.

The styling is typical Audi and there's a more polished decorative trims in it. The center dash is more angled towards the driver as well.

The new A3 introduces an electromechanical parking brake and the next generation MMI infotainment system where you can control both systems located on the center tunnel console.

The touchwheel mergers the touchpad and rotary pushbutton into a single unit and Audi says that the round pushbutton has a cap with a touch sensitive surface.

Audi says it has also revamped the MMI's interface while there's also a new 7-inch LED screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels that delivers 3D graphics. Check out some pics in the gallery below:

[From Audi Press Release]

The driver and front passenger each have their own head-up display available to them; the driver’s is contact-analogue, while the passenger has a conventional head-up display. Both displays show digital travel guides, news and pictures from video telephone calls. In the interest of safety, the driver is shown only static images and simple animations. If the passenger uses a wiping motion to pull the applications into his or her line of vision, all video functions become available.

Visible to all occupants is a central third projection, whose image appears to lie on the windshield. The driver or front passenger can move contents they are currently viewing to this central field with an easy, quick movement so that they can view it together. A camera detects the movements and directs the appropriate signals to the system.

The new A3 will be revealed this year, possibly as early as the Geneva Motor Show in March.