There's still another year to go when Tesla delivers its first Model S, but the automaker has already released official pricing details.

Pricing for the Model S is broken down on battery capacity. 160 mile version and the 230 mile variant, priced at $57,400 and $67,400 respectively. The 300 mile Model S will be priced at $77,400. There's also the $87,400 Perfomance model which has the same 85-kWh battery as the 300-mile version.

The battery specs is a 40-kWh pack providing a 160-mile range, a top speed of 110 miles per hour and a 100,000-mile warranty; the 60-kWh pack juicing up for 230 miles, a 120 mph top speed and a 125,000-mile warranty; and finally, the aforementioned 85-kWh battery pack delivering 300 miles of range and a 125 mph top speed in standard spec and a 130 mph top speed in the Performance version.

Check out Tesla's official statement here.

via Tesla