While most of us think that wearing a seatbelt while being in a car will likely save your life, a new study has found that women who wear these safety devices are in fact at a greater risk than their male counterparts:
"The investigators found that female drivers wearing seatbelts were more likely to be injured than male drivers wearing seatbelts, and that belted female drivers suffered more chest and spine injuries than belted male drivers in comparable crashes."
The reason why women are more prone to injuries caused by seatbelts is due to their "relatively short stature, preferred seating posture and a combination of these factors yielding lower safety protection from the standard restraint devices. In other words, seatbelts aren't designed with ladies in mind.

Of course this doesn't mean we should stop wearing seatbelts, but maybe its high time that manufacturers devise a new, customizable seatbelt that works for all body types.