Peugeot shows off its second concept model on the eve of the 2010 Paris MOtor Show, and its billed as an urban crossover. The HR1 study blends a number of elements from various categories including city cars, coupes and SUVs. Its demographic is definitely in the young people with active lifestyles region.

The HR1 is compact in dimensions measuring just 3,670 mm in length and is 300 mm shorter than the Ford Fiesta hatch. Its got all the design cues from the genes of Peugeot's new styling language which includes a floating front grilled and chiseled headlamps.

The car also combines a new 1.2 liter turbocharged three cylinder petrol engine with 110-bhp at the front and a 37-bhp electric motor at the rear. The internal combustion engine is hooked up with the electronically controlled 6 speed manual gearbox with control paddles.