Volvo is planning to make your car doors serve as batteries to your next car. They are working with the Imperial college in London on materials development project that may ultimately turn the entire vehicle into one big ultra light battery. Volvo and Imperial college are building a composite blend of carbon fibers and polymer resin that is supposedly strong and flexible and light enough to be used in body panels.

Volvo says that the new material could lessen the weight of the car by up to 15%. The carbon fiber can also charge up faster than traditional EV batteries.

The development is still at its early stages, and Volvo and Imperial College are still figuring out how to mass produce the carbon fiber blend. In the next three years, Volvo will attempt to convert a vehicle's spare wheel recess into a composite battery. Volvo researcher Per-Ivar Sellergren explained:

"This is a relatively large structure that is easy to replace. Not sufficiently large to power the entire car, but enough to switch the engine off and on when the car is at a standstill, for instance at traffic lights." I

Its quite a clever idea except what would happen if an accident happens. An accident being a fender bender type. Would it have any effect on the entire car then? And what will the cost of repairs be?