According to Automobile, a new Bimmer is set to hit the market in 2012 and its codenamed F30. The next 3 series is reportedly set to employ the F20 1 Series front strut layout instead of the 5,6 and 7 series double wishbone arrangement.

The 2012 3 Series will have five new body styles; standard, sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible. Each coming out about six months after the former's introduction. The Gran Turismo model is set to debut in 2013.

Automobile also reports that the two door will feature bespoke sheetmetal with a more canted windshield, lower roofline, and sculpted flanks. The M division, will be working on a 420 hp V8 in favor of the twin turbocharged 3.0 liter inline six pumping about 450 hp out.

[via Automobile]