If you thought that the self-driving cars business was purely the remit of Google, then think again because BMW have just made an almighty splash with their “drifting” self-drive technology.

The modified 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe from BMW stole the spotlight at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with some truly smooth moves. High tech features include a combination of ultrasonic sensors, cameras and 360 degree radar technology.

Here's a promotion video of the car coasting effortlessly around a show racetrack while performing the perfect power slides without the driver so much as touching the wheel:

The emerging trend of autonomous car technology isn't just about looks but also about improving road safety. America is leading the charge in this sector as their annual average of 50,000 road fatalities remains worryingly high. A study recently released by the Eno Center for Transportation suggests that this figure could be reduced by 1,000 if approximately 10 percent of cars driven on US roads had autonomous driving technology.