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Owning a car is a wonderful, liberating thing to do. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want (well, within reason), and for most of us that take the jump into car ownership, we never leave it behind. There’s plenty of benefits to public transport of course, but nothing quite compares to being able to have your own space, does it?  Read more
CAR NEWS  Apr 22, 2017 00:48
It’s fair to say that not all drivers are equal. Some of us make silly mistakes on the road and while it’s easy to disregard these issues as basic human error, they are quite dangerous. The majority of incidents on the road could have been prevented by one or more drivers. Just look at the case of the self driving car crash. An investigation found that the driver had seven seconds to intervene before the car collided with a wall. He just wasn’t paying attention and that’s only one of the most common errors that occurs on the road.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Apr 14, 2017 01:22
When it comes to selling your car, you’ll want the most cash possible from the sale. You’ll also want to find a suitable buyer as soon as possible. Sometimes you’ll get lucky using AutoTrader or another website online. Maybe those newspaper ads managed to encourage someone to give you a call in only a few days. However, when that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to start thinking outside of the box. You’ll find three innovative ideas on this page that could help you to sell your vehicle and get the cash fast. There are no guarantees, but these suggestions could provide the desired outcome when nothing else works.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Apr 11, 2017 21:58
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