Ford's Solar-Powered Electric Car Is Its Own Rolling Power Grid [VIDEO]
The only problem with electric cars? You have to charge them. And what more, when there aren't enough charging stations around. But if you are Ford, then the car charges itself. The C-MAX Solar Energi Concept is equipped with a solar panel rooftop measuring 16 square foot and was built by Silicon ...

Former Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg gets behind a tuned 1975 Datsun 280Z for this short "Dream Like a Champion" for audio company Clarion. The video starts off slow with Foresberg living the life in a typical suit, and it takes a turn to get more exciting as he daydreams his way into a 280Z featuring a transplanted RB25DET engine. Check out the short below:
Honda's JDM Vezel looks like an upgrade of the CR-V, but with more curves. The automaker will show it off, but won't be bringing it to the New York Auto show.

According to spokesman Chris Martin, told us: "We are not planning to show the new compact SUV in NY, but we will reveal some new information about it during our press event. This new vehicle is closely related to the JDM Vezel with some not yet revealed differences for the US market."
Here's a sneak preview of the all new Lexus NX compact SUV, revealing the production car's front and rear quarter profiles as well as the interior. It is set to premiere at the Beijing Auto Show on April 20th.
Possibly not the best advise if you want to keep your job, but here's one of the best automotive related billboards we've seen so far. The campaign was part of its "Good to be bad" theme.

Check out a larger pic after the jump.
Bugatti is set to lift the covers off their fifth model in the six-part Legends Edition at the Beijing Motor Show next week. The new car will pay tribute to the Bugatti Type 18 "Black Bess".

Type 18 was one of the most important Buagttis in the pre-WW1 era. It is powered by a 5.0 liter, 4 cylinder inline engine producing over 99hp, and reached a top speed of 160km/h. Very very fast, considering it was way back in 1910.
We feel like we've seen something like this before, but here's Citroen's official teaser drawings of their new small SUV concept. There's not much known about the study, other than it has been prepared by Citroen and its Chinese partner DongFeng for a world premiere at the Beijing Auto show later this month.
Mopar has shown off their concepts for the Jeep GCherokee, and here's another one from them: the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel. It is set to debut at the Easter Jeep Safari in Utah.

Dressed in a Mojave Sand paint finish, the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior has readily available Jeep Performance Parts and Mopar accessories, from satin black accents throughout the body and 20 inch cast alloy wheels rolling on All-Terrain BFGoodrich tires and a roof basket.
Jeep and Chrysler's in-house tuner Mopar have presented this year's concept cars. It includes a pair of new Cherokee based edition.

Jeep says that the Cherokee Dakar study, pictured above, is the most "extreme Cherokee ever". It also looks the part too.
Toyota is working on a new generation highly fuel-efficient engines that will be introduced in 2015. There are a total of 14 new engine variations that will be used in models scheduled for partial redesign in the near future. It will come with "outstanding thermal efficiency".
Here's a clip of an incident that is more painful to watch than you can imagine. We're not sure why, or who the woman clinging on to the bike is to the rider is, but either way, we're baffled about it. And the motorcyclist couldn't care less either.
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