Android Auto Brings Google-Apple Battle into Your Car [VIDEO]
Would you choose Google or Apple to be in your car's dashboard? Apple revealed CarPlay - an interface for a vehicle's infotainment system. Google on the other hand, recently announced Android Auto. And it promises to be a seamless device-to-car integration for 80 percent of global smartphone users ...

What do you think of a drop-top Evoque? This prototype was spotted on UK roads. Could this mean Land Rover is preparing a drop top SUV?

The prototype featured a black fabric roof, and wore heavy camouflage gear. Check out a couple more pictures below:
Ferrari's FXX K is all sold out. All 32 examples are now spoken for. Road & Track reports that the FXX K costs $2.7 million (€2.18 million) each, and the experimental car has a hybrid powertrain that produces 87PS more than on the LaFerrari. Check out a few more pictures below:
Ferrari has announced a limited production run of its Pininfarina concept car. It pays tribute to the man who laid the foundation for the brand. It is based on Ferrari's 458 Spider, and is powered by the latest 605hp 4497 cc V8 engine. Check out a few images of it below:
BMW is looking for the next generation of artists with the establishment of the Art Journey Award. It is designed to spark fires of emerging artists by enabling them to go on their own journey of personal discovery and creative expression.
While we don’t have a crystal ball, there has been some amazing news regarding the release of new tech cars in the coming year. After all, tech is becoming a mainstay in vehicles. Who wants a boring driving experience? Now, cars are becoming equipped with all of the latest and innovative pieces of tech.
Here's the work of French artist / photographer Renaud Marion - levitating tech on classic cars. It looks like a retro-futuristic Jetsons era! He explains:

“As a child, I imagined the new millennium with flying cars, spaceships, parallel worlds, extra-terrestrials living with us on earth and time travel. We would have all been dressed up in space outfits and equipped with laser pistols. These are the dreams of a normal child, I think… I hope.”
It’s no secret that electric cars are the future. At least, the very near future. Almost every single car manufacturer is now making one. They are populating our streets like never before and continue to grow. Not only that, but they are getting more powerful. They are slowly shedding all the problems that they initially had. Many now compete with the power of the gas guzzling cousins.
The new Nissan GT-R has gone on sale in Japan, and now there's also a 45th anniversary model featuring a special pain color - Silica Brass. Nissan will only build 45 units of this special GT-R and will start taking orders in January.
A window washer fell 11-stories in San Francisco, but was thankfully saved by a Toyota Camry. The car softened the man's fall. Thankfully, it's crumple was able to save the man's life.

Audi’s Prologue Concept was unveiled at the LA Auto Show, and Auto Bild magazine had the privilege of driving it. Check out the video below:

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