2015 Volkswagen Passat for Europe [VIDEO]
VW's latest 2015 Passat for Europe gets unveiled. The automaker wants to extend their reach over to more premium offerings like the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and sister company Audi's A4. "The new Passat gives the right answers to the major automotive trends of its time," commented VW G...

Volvo plans to offer all of its cars for sale online. Volvo's sales chief Alan Visser said they plan to boost online marketing and offer all of its car lines in all markets for sale online.

The sales aren't meant to replace dealers, and cars ordered online will have to be delivered at dealerships. The goal is to make buying a Volvo easier for customers who live far away from a Volvo dealer. What do you think of this way of buying a car?
Vossen Wheels got their hands on a Mercedes-Benz S550 and decided to give it some art makeover. Inspired by Jon Olsson’s winter-savvy Audi RS6, it features 3M reflective vinyl bodywork that come to live under UV lighting. Check out a few more pictures below:
There is no denying that most vans look quite similar. They look dull, nondescript and are usually painted in white. Manufacturers don’t bother making vans look “beautiful” or stylish. After all; their primary use is to transport cargo, and not to compete for any style awards.
We all want to drive something that will have universal appeal. We want it to look good and feel good, and we want it to do both of these things over a long period of time. Preferably we would like the car to be iconic, and we would like to participate in the development of that heritage value.
Road rage is so scary because it can turn a what seems to be a docile and friendly person into a monster. This Polish road rage incident is perhaps anyone's nightmare because instead of the usual bullying incidents, this guy here pulls out a gun. And shoots.
If you weren't planning on getting a smartwatch, maybe BMW might change your mind. The company is previewing a 360-degree Remote Valet Parking System at CES in Las Vegas in January. And according to the automaker, its four laser scanners around the vehicle can detect walls and other objects near the car.
This is the Chaparral ZX concept, and it was designed by GM in collaboration with Gran Turismo Vision GT. It was unveiled at the LA Auto Show last month.

"The Chaparral 2X VGT’s concept propulsion system is inspired by technology derived from advanced work targeted at space travel and future aircraft design," described the design team at GM. "It features a mid-mounted laser beamed-energy propulsion system, which pulses beams of light that focus in a shroud, creating shock waves that generate tremendous thrust in the lightweight race car."
The X-Bow GT4 is the collaborative effort between KTM and Reiter Engineering and has a 2.0 liter TFSI turbo petrol engine with 320hp and features a racing ABS system with a sequential six-speed gearbox with paddle shifters and full racing-spec crash protection. More details to come soon.
Jaguar is working on new technology that makes pillars disappear and a ghost car in front of you to follow navigation directions. Does that sound dangerous?

The two new devices are being developed to aid visibility with the help of cameras and digital imaging. The transparent pillars are called 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen and are embedded into the two pillars around the car which work with cameras around the vehicle to project an image. It would help with a driver's blindspot.
Aston Martin is set to showcase six bespoke cars to commemorate its 60-year milestone. They've yet to unveil their 1955-65 DB 2/4 MK II Saloon, 1965-75 DB5, 1975-85 V8 Coupe, 1985-95 V8 Vantage X-Pack, or 1995-2005 V8 Vantage, but they've taken the first step to show off the limited edition Vanquish.
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