BMW Working on Wireless Charging Technology for i3 and i8 and Future Plug-Ins
BMW is working on an inductive charging method of its high voltage batteries of both BMW i cars and future plug-in models. The advantage to this would be a cable-free connection between the supply point and the vehicle's high-voltage battery. BMW Group and Daimler AG have signed an agreement on the...

When you start off a conversation about the Mini, people will assume you are referring to the BMW-built car marque. The sad truth is that the marque’s rich and long history is becoming forgotten these days.
Audi has been one of the world’s leading car manufacturers for generations. The German company has produced some of the best-selling models of the last century, and they improve with every new release. While the A4 hit the market quite a while ago now, it is still one of the most-popular cars in their fleet. There are many reasons for that, but the most obvious one is that it is a much cheaper alternative to the BMW M3. Perfect for business users and families alike, you can’t go wrong if you decide to select this model as your next automobile. We’ve gathered a lot of information about why it’s such a good choice, and you will almost certainly benefit from reading through it now.
Ford's Shelby GT350 makes a return with the sixth generation Mustang. Revealed ahead of the LA Auto Show, it has a 5.2 liter V8 with more than 500 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.

It is the most powerful production model Ford has ever made.
How great would it be if you never had to remember to put air in your tires? Michelin knows this, and they've got an invention for that.

Named Tweel, here's a video of it in action.

For now, there's no general availability or pricing, but it definitely is something worth checking out.
Google is reportedly trying to make its cars have a sixth sense. Its prototypes are pretty safe for now, and the software that controls them uses extreme caution when it sees anything out of the ordinary.
Kia has been working hard to create its first ever dedicated hybrid model. It will start with a small SUV. The model will look like a crossover estate and will be similar to that of the 2012 Niro concept.
Nissan decided to flaunt its posterior too saying theirs is bigger than Kim Kardashian's after her butt-shot for Paper Mag's cover went up.

They said this: "Hate to break it to you" but "ours is bigger" on their Twitter account.
Here's a closer look at the 2-15 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Contrasted by large 20 inch satin black Turbo S wheels and matte black air intake grilles, it is powered by a 3.8 liter boxer engine with 430 horsepower mated to a 7-speed manual gearbox.
Funny or Die released a five-minute video poking fun at the BMW i3's limited driving range compared to what a Lexus CT200h hybrid can offer.

Shot as a commercial for the Lexus CT200h, it obviously favors the Japanese hybrid over the BMW i3, but it is hilarious nonetheless.
Mercedes-Benz released the first teaser photos of its upcoming Mercedes-Maybach S 600 super luxury sedan ahead of its debut next week.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 distinguishes itself from regular S-Class models thanks to its extra spaciousness and lavishness.
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