2015 Volkswagen Passat for Europe [VIDEO]
VW's latest 2015 Passat for Europe gets unveiled. The automaker wants to extend their reach over to more premium offerings like the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and sister company Audi's A4. "The new Passat gives the right answers to the major automotive trends of its time," commented VW G...

Here's a pro tip that's quite useful. Cloth car seats are tough to clean. But fret not. Here's professional detailer Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC in a video sharing his wisdom with all.

Check it out below:
The Fiat 500 gets rendered as an Abarth by Hungary-based artist X-Tomi. He applied the Abarth design elements like the scorpion badge, white decals and its typical white multi-spoke wheels. What do you think?
The second generation Hyundai i20 will be the brand's first to wear the "N" high performance badge. It will launch a year from now. According to Jurgen Grimm, Hyundai's head of powertrain:

“Think i20, there is a big logo called N and it is a sporty brand. They are thinking to set-up such a car with 1.6-litre turbo, 250 horsepower, something like that, as a kind of replica for a WRC car,” Grimm was quoted as saying by Australia’s Motoring at the Paris Auto Show.
The TT Sportback concept car offers seating for four and has a smaller boot but a larger wheelbase. Auto Express' Mat Watson checks the car out at the Paris Motor Show. Check it out in the video below:
This is Cam-Shaft's VW Golft GTI Mk7 in performance trim. It uses a satin teal and matte-black foil wrap and it has 350mm wider front wings made from carbon fiber and it houses 19-inch ASA alloy wheels in 225/35 R19 tires on all four corners.
The ActiveHybrid version of BMW's 7-Series saloon just got a limited production 'Individual Edition' for Japan. There will only be 20 examples made, and while nothing will change under the hood, everything else on the inside is styled with class.
The BMW i3 can hold itself well on a track. The rear-wheel drive vehicle knows how to compete! Movilidaelectrica did this video of an i3 going around the Jarama Race Track in Spain.

Check it out below, it is quite zippy!
PSA Peugeot Citroen may finally be sexy enough. DS brand CEO Yves Bonnefont said the premium offshoot of Citroen is a continuation of a strategy that would make DS a truly global brand.

Check out how it looks like in the gallery below. It isn't too shabby, actually!
Mercedes released a short animated feature on how its vans came about. If it weren't for "two competitive Germans and a lot of beer, the van wouldn't even exist."

Check out the video below:

The Bugatti Veyron started out as a hypercar with 1,001 PS. Now it wants to be even better. Its replacement is touted to be more powerful and lighter as well.

How powerful? According to rumors, the next one could get 1,500 PS. That's insane!
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