Android Auto Brings Google-Apple Battle into Your Car [VIDEO]
Would you choose Google or Apple to be in your car's dashboard? Apple revealed CarPlay - an interface for a vehicle's infotainment system. Google on the other hand, recently announced Android Auto. And it promises to be a seamless device-to-car integration for 80 percent of global smartphone users ...

According to a survey from IEEE, by 2025, mass-produced cars will be similar to Google's self-driving concept. They won't have steering wheels, gas/brake pedals, horns or rearview mirrors.

This means that it all cars will be autonomous by 2035 according to over 200 researchers, academicians, practitioners, society members and government agencies in the autonomous vehicle field.
The Tesla Model S has raced a lot of powerful cars. It sprints off faster than most cars and it keeps its distance until it reaches speeds of over 160km/h. Unless the car it is racing is a supercar, it is quite hard to catch up to a Tesla.
Maserati may be expanding its range but it is reducing its production. The reason behind this? To create more exclusivity. The automaker will cap its production to 75,000 annually, and this looks like a move similar to Ferrari.
A team of researchers from the Nottingham Trent University are working on seat sensors that can detect the smallest oscillation or irregularity and sound an alert by measuring a driver's heart rate.

The Delorean DMC-12 gets a Stage-2 upgrade from journalist Matt Farah. Here's the review from RegularCarReviews:

The BMW i8 is an impressive technical achievement, and in Autocar's latest review, Steve Sutcliffe drew similar conclusions to the others who have already driven it. Check out his review below:

Audi has a new feature called Adaptive Cruise control with Stop & Go function. It's almost like a self-driving car, but not quite. The car will literally drive itself in stop and go traffic until the congestion clears, to which after that, it will notify the driver to take the wheel again.
This is incredible. Auto journalist Andrew Frankel and a relief driver drove a standard UK spec Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid from North Africa to UK non-stop on one tank of fuel. The E-Class has an 80 liter fuel tank.
The all-new Smart ForTwo passed its first crash-test when it was demonstrated by an in-house offset crash against a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The impact was at a speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) with 50 percent overlap, and the Smart offered “an intact occupant space and excellent chances of survival,” according to Daimler.
Ferrari is reportedly working on an open-top version of their hypercar and a hardcore model - the LaFerrari FXX track. Both models could launch in 2015 in very limited numbers. 50 for the LaFerrari Spider and 30 for the LaFerrari FXX.
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