Driver Lets The Infiniti Q50 Drive Itself on the Autobahn [VIDEO]
Autonomous cars are going to be useful and great because this just happened. A driver is just sitting where he's supposed to without touching the steering wheel, pedals or shifter. It's just cruising the German autobahn. Amazing:

Could the next big thing from Apple be a car? Rumors were flying when this first came out last week. Could Cupertino be working on an electric self-driving concept dubbed 'Titan'?

Another rumor has surfaced, stating that production could start as soon as 2020. What do you think? Would you drive an Apple car? Or let it drive you?
The 1955 Jaguar D-Type will be auctioned off for $4 million USD. Only 54 models were made, and it was produced for the local racing circuits in the 50s and 60s, winning first place three consecutive times at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race from 1955 to 1957.
Mercedes-Benz is bringing some seriously good looking iterations to its 2015 SL series. The Mille Miglia 412 editions will pay homage to both the 1000-mile race and the number of the original winning SL. Check it out below:
This tip got sent in by the folks from DMC, showing off a giant teddy bear on top of a Lamborghini DMC Aventador. It wasn't there as a mod, but rather, a gift for someone's betrothed to be.

Check out the rest here.
Here's taking a look at the new Mercedes Benz GLC 2015 in Stuttgart. Check out the video after the jump!

Thanks Toldi.

Mazda are continuing to unveil their new car in the MX-5 Miata range, the 2016 is even more silky sleek than ever and remains the jewel in the sizable Mazda crown as things stand. When it arrives in showrooms it will be the fourth generation after 25 years in production.
Supercars are built for one thing: speed. They are the epitome of engineering. Supercars combine speed, power and luxury to create the ultimate desirable car. They are the most expensive and most powerful cars on the planet. While out of reach for most of us, they show us a future of driving. They point to what is possible in engineering and they are always pushing the boundaries. This is why we love them.
When looking for a new motor, most buyers look for practicality, space and fuel economy. That’s all well and good, but cars don’t always have to be practical. Sometimes we just want something fun, fast and exciting.
Honda just teased us with the release of its first official pictures of the production Civic Type R ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut. Power will come from the 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo engine producing more than 276hp. and Honda confirms it will deliver a "class-best top speed of 270km/h."
Dubai will probably be the only place where a high speed chase will involve super cars, though are these things still happening a lot? The police department decided to show off their line-up, and it's pretty impressive. Check it out below:
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