Driver Lets The Infiniti Q50 Drive Itself on the Autobahn [VIDEO]
Autonomous cars are going to be useful and great because this just happened. A driver is just sitting where he's supposed to without touching the steering wheel, pedals or shifter. It's just cruising the German autobahn. Amazing:

In Japan, you can get the Nissan Note with the Nismo badge. It may just be the Nissan Note you actually want. There are two versions, first, the all show only Nismo with 97hp, 1.2 liter gasoline, and a Nismo S that gets a 1.6 liter unit with 138hp.
Audi won't confirm the name of its first concept car to appear at the LA motor show this November, but it's going to be there. They even released a darkened image of the car. Could it be the A9?

The study will mark a new era in the brand's design language. Here's to more coming soon.
Citroen is no stranger to making news headlines. The French carmaker is well-known for producing some memorable cars. The cars they build prove out of the box thinking can work well with the motoring public!
It’s no secret that Lexus is getting ready to do battle against the German “Big Three.” The Japanese firm’s latest models are tempting customers away from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The latest car in their arsenal is the Lexus NX300h. It’s one that is taking aim against established market best-sellers like the Audi Q5 and BMW X5. There was a lot of industry media coverage over the Lexus NX300h. But is it a likely contender for the top spot in the luxury small hybrid SUV market?
Davide Testi is a test driver for Pagani, and he's been working with them ever since he graduated from Ferrari's mechanical school. Watch him talk about his job in the video below:

Opel has collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette to take the center stage of the 2015 Opel Corsa calendar.

“The recipe ‘Super model on car’ is slowly getting boring. Karl Lagerfeld has found a new and fresh approach to the subject,” explains Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller, who was present for the shooting with Karl Lagerfeld and his cat.
Toyota's latest venture into boats is a collaboration with Ponam boats. The latest is a model called Ponam-31. Combining pleasure cruising and powered by two 3.0 liter inline four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engines with 260PS each, it is powerful and fuel-efficient.
German tuning firm Print Tech just gave this Lamborghini Huracan a "Centurion Black Chrome" wrap. What do you think of it? check out a few more pictures in the gallery:

Hybrid cars are growing in popularity these days. Many motorists are often concerned with the rising costs of gas and oil, as well as the environmental impact their cars have. We all know that all-electric cars have a long way to go for cost and range reasons.
Most people don’t often think much about their cars. They get behind the wheel of their cars and expect to drive to their destination without any issues. The only time many car owners take an interest in their vehicles is if something is wrong with them.
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