BMW Working on Wireless Charging Technology for i3 and i8 and Future Plug-Ins
BMW is working on an inductive charging method of its high voltage batteries of both BMW i cars and future plug-in models. The advantage to this would be a cable-free connection between the supply point and the vehicle's high-voltage battery. BMW Group and Daimler AG have signed an agreement on the...

Bugatti showed off the special "1 of 1" edition of the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Rumored to be the latest installment of their "Legends" series, the special creation was commissioned by a customer in Singapore and uses a combination of black and yellow as a nod to the "Bumblebee" scheme that appeared on the likes of the Type 41 Royale, Type 55 and Type 44. Check out more pictures of it below:
Rumor has it that Lotus might be planning two new models in popular body styles like a sedan or an SUV. Will we see a concept ready for the Paris Motor Show?

The Honda CR-Z hybrid has a supercharger upgrade by HPD Street Performance, and it should be capable of moving at a more respectable pace.

The supercharger kit includes the actual blower, air-to-air intercooler and higher flow injectors, along with an ECU recalibration boosts that up to 197hp.
Ford is going to prepare its Prius competitor. Reuters tells us that the automaker is prepping a possible rival for a possible 2018 release. It will share some tech with current Ford hybrids and its underpinnings with the next-gen Focus. Stay tuned for more.
Is Hyundai preparing a hybrid model? Reports say that they could be making their own to compete with Toyota's Prius. Stay tuned for more.

Volkswagen's XL1 Eco Tech will go into future generation Golfs. According to Autocar, the eight generation hatch, set to debut in 2019 will have CO2 commissions well below 90g/km.

VW will rely on radical and innovative aerodynamics solutions and will also bring down the weight to around 1,100kg.
YouTuber Roman Atwood is back again and this time he is fooling the cops into thinking that he's street racing. Instead, the prank involved cars driving at perfectly legal speeds, but with loud audio playing revving engine and tire burning sounds. Check it out below:
Infiniti is teasing a new mystery concept car that will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October. Can you guess what it is?

The Japanese firm's sparing release mentions that, "Infiniti will share a vision, its soul, on a scale not seen before from the company" with a study that has "style and substance that push any pre-conceived limits".
The 2015 Corvette has a standard Valet Mode with Performance Data Recorder which allows owners to lock the interior storage and deactivate infotainment system and record video by entering a four-digit code.
The next Corvette ZR1 could switch from a front-engine to a mid-engine configuration. Could the rumor hold true? What do you think?

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