L'Oreal's got a new program out on thursday, that will enable the 4,000 salons that carries its professional line of products to begin marketing systematically on Facebook.

L'Oreal partnered with Buddy Media to provide a set of tools to allow local salons to enhance their Facebook Pages, allowing L'Oreal to measure traction and furnish content for all of its salon locations.

Salons can set up a separate tab with a number of customizable modules allowing them to display their respective logos, business hours, a menu of services, inspirational and how-to videos, as well advertise —  products, among other things.

“If you have 4,200 salons that connect with 300 people each, you then have the ability to connect with more than a million people,” he says, noting in addition that it allows consumers to connect with real people — i.e., their stylists — on Facebook as well as the corporate brand.