ecoatm_demo.jpgPerhaps a very imaginative and innovative way of recycling old electronics. Offload an old mobile phone, or a computer, or any electronic gadget for that matter, and get cash for coins through ecoATM's kiosks.

ecoATM has already got 15 kiosks around California, and they offer consumers a cash incentive to recycle their electronics. All you have to do is drop in electronic gadgets that you no longer want, and the machine will determine the product, estimate its value and factor in damages and whatnot and spit out cash in exchange for recycling your device. Quite a sweet deal if you asked me.

ecoATM eats the cost on the returned devices it can’t resell, and the process can take a few a minutes (see below) — but it is working. In one year of testing, the company has recycled more than 50,000 devices, according to CMO and co-founder Mark Bowles. Check out the video below for a quick demo: